Press Release

        Since its early days, IFAS has been working on solving complex socio-economic, water management and environmental issues of the Aral Sea basin and the Aral Sea area.

         Currently, IFAS is actively cooperating at the international level. As a result, the Aral region is provided with a certain aid by the world community and international financial institutions.

         In order to further strengthen and develop international cooperation, draw the attention of the world community to some current issues of the Aral Sea Basin and implement the instructions of the Heads of Central Asian Countries articulated at the anniversary Summit of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea held in Turkmenbashi on August 24, 2018, the Executive Board of IFAS in a Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with the Kazakh-German University arranges the Summer School on the Aral Sea for graduate students for the period from August 9 to 18, 2019. The Summer School is expected to host 20 graduate students from the Central Asian Countries, Afghanistan, European Union and other economically advanced countries.

        As part of the School, it is planned to have a look at the waterworks on the Syr Darya River, the Small Aral Sea, visit the wetlands of the Barsakelmes Nature Reserve, excavations of the ancient city of Kerderi, introduction to the Begim-Ana Mausoleum and other socio-economic, cultural and historical sites important for the Aral Sea area. Also, the camp program includes lectures on transboundary water basin management, water cooperation, an innovative approach to IWRM, climate change, disaster risk reduction, ecosystems and biodiversity, teamwork and sharing experiences.

        The main purpose of this event is to coordinate research and tourist activities based on the Aral Scientific Tourist Center thereby directing all efforts towards research and solving environmental problems of the Aral Sea by creating a new dialogue platform in a spirit of the creative approach of young scientists and introduction of innovative technologies using the best global scientific practices.

         Following the results of the Summer School, it is planned to publish a collection of abstracts of research papers of graduate students.

         Venue: Kazakh part of Aral Sea area.

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